What are Independent Connection Providers?

Independent Connection Providers are accredited companies that can carry out contestable works on the electricity network. Any work must be carried out to the agreed specifications and conditions necessary to be owned by an Independent Distribution Network Operator or a Distribution Network Operator.

Why choose an Independent Connection Provider?

If you have ever undertaken a construction project on public land, built a property or even just lived in one, the chances are that you have dealt with the electricity board. If you’ve dealt with an electricity board, you’ll know first hand they are not the quickest to react. You’ll also know their services are certainly not cheap. This said, in their defence, they’ve had the monopoly, so why should they be.

The good news is that over recent years all this has changed. Contractors are no longer limited to the REC (regional electricity company) to carry out their connections, disconnections and mains transfers. R&M Lighting has become an ICP (Independent Connection Provider) and is now able to offer these ICP services to the public.

What are the benefits of using an Independent Connection Provider?

If you needed a REC / DNO (Direct Network Operator) fed column, feeder pillar or even a lit sign moving that you would previously have had to wait for the REC to undertake the task. Instead, you can now contact R&M Lighting who will undertake the Independent Connection Providers work for you. All at a fraction of the cost and within a far quicker time frame than would traditionally be possible.

As we all know, time is money. With this in mind if we save you time, we, in turn, save you money. Using our ICP service really is a no-brainer, particularly when coupled with our existing street lighting services.

Combining our Independent Connection Provider services with any of our other highway electrical services means we can attend site remove, relocate or replace street lighting columns without any third party assistance from the DNO, this means one less contractor to manage and one less cost on site.

Why choose R&M Lighting as your ICP?

R&M Lighting’s ICP service has really taken off over the last few months . As word spreads and more of our clients learn about it, we believe the Independent Connection Providers area of the business is going to boom. In just 3 months we have secured contracts from all across the South East. Undertaking works on sites from Newbury to Essex, with particularly strong demand in central London.

Primarily ICP works undertaken by R&M Lighting relate to our core highways electrical business. Although we’ve also found that there is a strong demand for our Independent Connection Providers service on new building developments. With the rise in development projects and the creation of more new housing comes the need for more mains supplies.

R&M Lighting has seen a rise in the call for our ICP services across various sites. We believe that ICP will be another growth market for the business. R&M will continue to capitalise on our excellent relationships with existing customers involved in building and / or development work alongside the infrastructure projects we’ve traditionally been involved with.

So whether it be a new house, a commercial building, a street light or anything else, make R&M Lighting your first port of call for all your ICP needs.

For more information about R&M Lighting’s Independent Connection Providers service contact us on 01628 673 445. Our friendly team will be more than happy to be of assistance.