Labour Only

The rise of Private Finance Initiatives (PFIs) caused a boom in the lighting industry. Which, in turn, caused lots of small independent lighting contractors to spring up and grow overnight. Unlike R&M Lighting, some of these companies did not offer labour only services & did not have the comprehensive safety procedures and training in place to effectively meet the requirements of these big contracts and many of which have since fallen by the wayside.

R&M Lighting prides ourselves in quality and has a reputation for excellence and efficiency within the construction industry. It is, for this reason, we have been called in to rectify and complete several such projects on a labour only basis. These projects were started by less experienced contractors, who first won the works with rock bottom rates, only to not perform on site.

Such instances have meant that we have gained a reputation for being a company that can fix problems and make contracts work that no one else can. We are regularly praised for our efficient working and subsequent ability to meet high target outputs without letting quality suffer.

We are particularly proud to have been part of the hugely successful labour only Surrey PFI Contract. Together with our partners Skanska, we installed over 40,000 columns in just 4 years. We achieved the UK first for completing the core investment period of the PFI contract, under budget and 1 year early. This created sizeable savings for everyone involved with the project. A quantifiable achievement like this is the best testament to our ability to deliver these kinds of projects, both on and off site (we even won an award for it).

Safety is paramount in every area of construction. As ever we prioritise staff training to ensure that the highest standards of safety and efficiency are consistently met. R&M Lighting has found that this is particularly important when crews are carrying out repetitive works. It’s easy to get lost in the job and achieving targets. For this reason (among others) we regularly engage our staff in refresher training and ensure that there is job rotation on site.

Having been involved in lighting PFIs since their inception in the industry, we have significant experience delivering labour only projects. R&M lighting is becoming the go-to contractor for this type of labour only project. We are currently in major talks with a number of main contractors on the very latest batch of PFI’s – details to be announced soon.

Here are some examples of our past labour only PFI contracts (Project values range from £500,000-£2,500,000);

  • Ealing PFI
  • Dorset PFI
  • Hounslow PFI
  • Surrey PFI
  • Isle of Wight PFI

For more information about our labour only services or to discuss any particular project, contact us on 01628 673 445 and our friendly team will be more than happy to be of assistance.