LED Lantern Replacement

With the environment being an ever growing concern, as well as the savings in running costs of LEDs over traditional lamp lanterns, the LED lantern replacement and installation business has become a flourishing market in recent years.

LEDs have become so efficient that when lifetime costing is considered, the electricity savings that some of the new LED lanterns provide can actually cover the cost of the supply and installation of the new lanterns, especially when taking into account reduced maintenance costs and the capability for dimming / remote monitoring.

Beyond the financial and environmental benefits here are other additional benefits such as a cleaner, brighter light that many prefer and some studies have even shown have an impact on road safety and reducing crime. As a growing sector, LED lantern replacement is another key area that R&M Lighting has adapted to effectively.

R&M Lighting has recently secured the second phase of a major LED lantern replacement project in Hertfordshire, replacing over 14,000 lanterns for Ringway and are currently in talks with other clients around the country regarding similar projects.

We believe that LED lantern replacement is going to be a growth market for years to come and our prediction is that all lights will eventually become LED due to their environmental and cost-saving benefits. With this in mind, we are aligning ourselves to meet this continued LED lantern replacement requirement and hope to gain market share in this rapidly growing arena.

For more information about our LED lantern replacement services or to discuss any particular project, contact us on 01628 673 445 and our friendly team will be more than happy to be of assistance.