Street Furniture

R&M Lighting currently offers a complete street furniture supply and installation service. With efficiency being an overriding concern in project management, there is an increasing drive to reduce the number of sub-contractors on site. This has multiple benefits including the reduction in management time and subsequently client costs to improved health and safety on site due to fewer contractors working in one area.

With this in mind, companies are looking for contractors, such as R&M Lighting, who can supply and install all elements of street furniture from highways electrical equipment such as lighting and lit signs to non-illuminated street furniture such as non-lit signage, bollards, benches and bins.

R&M Lighting has embraced this development, and having proved we can do so successfully are consistently being asked to supply and install new types of street furniture such as cycle path bollards, bins, benches, barriers, CCTV Poles, cycle stands, bus shelters and ticket machines.

This kind of street furniture installation has proved to be a natural progression for R&M Lighting and recently we have completed two Park and Ride projects as the sole street lighting, electrical (including the electrical design), signage and street furniture provider.

Our now proven track record in these areas mean that clients can book these additional services with R&M Lighting knowing they can expect improved efficiency on site alongside the usual level of quality and safety they have always traditionally valued us for.

For more information about our street furniture services or to discuss any particular project, contact us on 01628 673 445 and our friendly team will be more than happy to be of assistance.