Independent Connection Provider

R&M Lighting is delighted to announce that since the end of 2015 are now proud to be a registered Independent Connection Provider (ICP). We have been able to offer mains connections, transfers and disconnections to our clients alongside the raft of other related services we offer. R&M Lighting has invested heavily in this area and has worked hard to meet the stringent regulations set out by NERs.

By using an Independent Connection Provider, you will no longer have to wait for the registered Distribution Network Operator (DNO) to visit site simply to enable you to move a column or to carry out a ‘take down’. This means no more paying up front and still waiting months for the DNO to attend site. You can simply call R&M Lighting and we can see any Independent Connection Provider project through from start to finish (and at a fraction of the cost).

This additional Independent Connection Provider service provision has meant that we are truly a one-stop shop for all things highway electrical, creating huge savings for our clients, both in terms of cost and time, no longer do they have to rely on REC / DNO availability for essential work to commence.

We have very recently secured our first few ICP projects as an Independent Connection Provider, which until completion, we are contractually obliged not to disclose, however, please watch this space for future updates. As with all our services our mission is to be the best of the best and offer the highest quality and comprehensive service we can, with a keen focus on safety and client satisfaction. With an already large, loyal and satisfied client base taking advantage of our multi-faceted approach we expect to see huge growth in this area.

For more information about our Independent Connection Provider services or to discuss any particular project, contact us on 01628 673 445 and our friendly team will be more than happy to be of assistance.